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Latest Publication – Please take a look

World war II from the Ground. My latest book – this one was to coincide with a talk I gave at my American Legion post. The topic is not Heathen, but the author certainly is. Please take a look. http://www.thortrains.net/toysoldierart/ww2-from-the-ground.htm Hilse! Uncle Thor


Raw Justice

Moammar Qaddafi was killed today. For a man who ruled a nation for 42 years, his end was particularly ignominious. Qaddafi’s convoy had been attacked by NATO jets. He ran and hid inside a culvert. A ragtag army of rebels dragged him from the pipe, beat him, and pushed him. Someone shot him with a […]


War in a Distant Time

When I gave my lecture on World War II last week, I mentioned something that puts the times in perspective. Seven decades ago, the picture of a Japanese soldier evoked feelings of hostility. We were at war. When the atom bomb was dropped on Japan, many people here though they deserved it. Time and attitudes […]


Bouncing Daruma

Like most of you, we are facing hard economic times. We have been hit, and hit hard. This is a hostile economy. The political leaders of all parties have been ineffective in blunting the financial follies. Bank and credit card companies have contributed to the mess. I mention this because you are likely feeling the […]


My Newest Book: World War II from the Ground

“Over the years, I have been asked many questions about World War II by people who have little or no military knowledge. Most of them are individuals who enjoy war movies, documentaries and casual reading. They are not seeking minute details or lengthy explanations. They just want to know that plain facts. And I have […]


Reasonable Inquiry

When you examine spiritual things with cold objectivity, you get an extremely different perspective. Things become clear. All of the nonsense of religious guilt, fanaticism and concepts of divine retribution fade into nothingness. What emerges is not an answer, but a new set of questions. These inquiries are rational. In their search for divinity, the […]


It’s reasonable

Many years ago, I read a quirky, lengthy science fiction book entitled A Canticle for Liebowitz. It was about a society that had emerged from nuclear disaster. A result was the people’s condemnation of scientists and other thinkers. In their society, “simpleton” was a compliment. To be thought ignorant was a good thing. When it […]

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