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The Waste of Haste

As a result of my mother-in-law’s passing, there is a lot of work to do preparing for the funeral. My wife’s brother Phil makes anything an exercise in exasperation. He is always in a rush. His frantic antics always cause him problems that set him back. In the wake of his actions, he leaves a […]


In Passing

I ask that you read this entire thing before you think I am speaking ill of the dead. Tonight ends on a somber note. Early evening Sunday, my wife’s mother passed. She was in her 80s in poor health. Audrey had spoken to her earlier in the day. The passing was not unexpected. In fact, […]


Giving the Message

What impression do you think you would be making on someone who is seriously asking about your beliefs? If a person were to ask you about Heathenism, what would you tell him? Would you talk about old Gods and old myths? Would you speak of Vikings and heroic sagas? Would you describe rituals and fests […]


Big Goofs

Current events make good examples of ideas in action. This week is a good one. The senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy was up for grabs in a special election. The winner was not the Democratic candidate, who would have been a likely successor. Instead it was a young Republican. This was not entirely […]


Oddball Strategy

I am enjoying a PC game called Dawn of War. I bought it in the cheap software section of the local office supply store. Dawn of War is based on a game called “Warhammer 40,000.” They sold it in the hobby shop where I had worked for a while. The original hobby shop game is […]


Tune Runes

One of my regrets is that I never had a musical education. I tried the guitar, but my so-called father did everything he could to discourage me. Without lessons and support of some kind, the guitar went nowhere. My school had no music programs. The most music we got was singing their hymns at their […]


Haitian Earthquake

The earthquake in Haiti is a reminder that in this life, nothing is guaranteed. Safety and security is tentative. All the work of mankind cannot stem the tide of nature. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. It has been that way for a long time. The cause of such dire poverty is […]


Astral Fizzle

This is an excerpt from a letter I had sent to an acquaintance. I kept this paragraph, as it might be helpful to you. Here is an old wizard’s trick for when you feel as if you’re becoming overwhelmed. Drink a cold glass of water or soda. That can help “ground” you. The same goes […]


Lost in Deep Space

Every so often I am reminded of Paul. He was a young man who had turned his life around. Paul was bright and energetic. He took up Paganism. It opened many doors to him. In fact, he met the woman who became his wife because they were studying the same form of Wicca. I had […]


Modern Heathen

The problem with being a minority is that the majority judges us collectively on the actions of individuals. They have little else on which to base their perception of Heathens. Each of us is an ambassador of Asgard whether we realize it or not. Our words, actions and demeanor are the barometer by which Heathenism […]

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