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Working Our Wyrd

Why are some people rich and others poor? Why do some folks have good luck and others have continuous series of tragedies? Why do some have a better life than others? These are questions that have troubled spiritual leaders and philosophers for ages. We cannot know all the reasons for the misfortunes of others. We […]


Take and Use

As many of you know, I am very concerned with matters of prosperity and of overcoming poverty. People can climb from need to plenty. I believe that the problem of poverty is not a lack of money, but a mental attitude, a culture and a way of life. The surest way for a person to […]


Family Tides

Our Thanksgiving dinner was small, being just my wife and I. We had a peaceful and relaxing day. I remember a time long ago when Thanksgiving dinner meant many cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. I also remember Thanksgivings alone, Thanksgivings with friends and Thanksgivings with in-laws. What changed? Families change and have their […]



Here in the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. The legend behind Thanksgiving is a long story about pilgrims and Indians and Plymouth Rock. As things stand today, Thanksgiving is a day for a family dinner. The focus is on being thankful for the good in our lives. Thanksgiving is a […]


The Motion of the Yew Tree Rune

The motion of the Yew Tree Rune is the opposite of the Ase Rune. The Yew Tree moves downward and then spreads laterally. It is like a tree with its roots growing downward. This motion has much to do with the Rune’s stability and flexibility. It could not be flexible if it did not have […]


The Motion of the Jera Rune

The Motion of the Jera Rune The motion of the Jera rune is expansive. It is like spinning as an axis and letting centrifugal force spread you out. Think of standing in place with your arm close. As you spin, your arm extends outward and keeps stretching. The Jera motion is that kind of expansion. […]


The Motion of the Isa Rune

The motion of the Isa Rune is no motion at all. Isa stops motion. Everything is brought to a screeching halt. Just as scientists postulate on the concept of anti-matter, so we can think of Isa as anti-motion. Isa brings a halt, be it a momentary pause to a stopping of much monger duration. There […]


The Motion of the Naud Rune

The motion of Naud is a strong downward push. In effect, it is pure strength that forces down. There is an arcane lesson here. Urus, which is above Naud in the Elder Futhark order, is pure strength. Naud is strength headed down and inward. Bjork is the other Rune in that column. Bjork is strength […]


The Motion of the Hagal Rune

The usual motion of the Hagal Rune is downward, cutting in at an angle. In this mode, it is not a single fall, but a staccato peppering. I would liken it to a machine gun, although it is usually over a wider area. The motion is quick and hard. There is nothing soft with Hagal! […]


The Motion of the Wunjo Rune

The Wunjo Rune has a motion that may seem like that of Ase,. However, Wunjo’s rising movement is due to its spinning. As it rises, it expands outward. I would liken its shape to a cone of cotton candy. Ase rises straight up and expands. Ase does not spin. Wunjo spins at its own speed […]

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