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Spiritually Material

What is the proper Heathen attitude toward affluence? Is wealth good or bad? Can poverty make a person more spiritual? Does wealth make a person materialistic? Actually, those are all trick questions. One of the most liberating things about Heathenism is that we recognize that this world is as spiritual as any other. There is […]



Tomorrow is Halloween. It has become a very big holiday here in the USA. The day focuses on costumes, ghosts and monsters. There is also trick-or-treating, wherein costumed children go door to door asking for candy. Halloween was nowhere near as popular when I was a child. There were costumes and trick or treating, but […]


Character Molding

The process of molding with molten metal is ancient and simple. Perhaps you have noticed that water takes the shape of the glass into which it is poured. Once the water is removed from the glass, it loses the shape. Molten metal pours like water. The idea of a mold is to create a cavity […]


Bursting Metal

As many readers know, one of my hobbies is metal casting with non-ferrous alloys. These alloys are usually a blend of tin, antimony and lead. The alloys’ melting point is normally over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Pure, unalloyed lead melts at 621 degrees. One of the hazards of the hobby is fluid, especially water. A drop […]


Is It Worth It?

There are occasions when an incident arises which calls to mind a useful and time-tested idea. I had an incident the other day with a belligerent little fellow at the parking lot of the hardware store. The little man was looking for a fight. I realized he was more mouth than action, or he would […]


The Bum on the Wall

The last time I saw Kenny, I was on my way to work. They had called me in early that day. I was walking my usual route. As I went past the park, I saw Kenny lying on the park wall. It was about 5:50 in the morning. He was waiting for the gin mill […]


The Fourteen Pound Rule

You have probably made an unintended purchase at a store, only to regret it later. This happens a lot with “impulse” buys. All the little gee-gaws. trinkets and gadgets placed by the cash register are done so to intentionally encourage impulse buying. Impulse or not, the purchase might be something of which you were unsure […]


The Three Day Rule

Over twenty years ago, friends of mine had bought a time share in the mountains of Pennsylvania. They had the added benefit of being able to stay there up to ten or twelve extra weekends. The catch for the weekend visits was that they had to bring a friend. He would have to attend their […]


Think It Through

Heathenism is a thinking person’s religion. At its heart, it is practical and reasonable. Knowing that this world is a spiritual as the next, we know that anything that is truly spiritual must be practical. Blind faith has no place here. Faith only works when it is based on results rather than wishes. Blind faith […]


Love or Hate

Some years ago, we had a customer who seemed like a regular fellow, if a bit prone to mischief. He had done a few stints in his local jail for what sounded like minor offenses. The man lived halfway across the country and we never met in person. We could not verify everything he said. […]

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