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The Watery Cycle of the Lagu Rune

The Cycle of Lagu is a slow and weak rising, followed by a powerful and swift fall. Its climbing phase is anticlimactic to its hurtling plummet. One might think of water trickling from a spring to feed a stream, which then becomes a plunging waterfall. The falling is the important part of the cycle. Speed, […]


The Ins and Outs of the Mannar Rune

The Mannar Rune cycle is simplicity itself. It pulses inward, into itself. Then it pulses outward. Think of a ball that shrinks to a small dot, and then expands to a huge sphere. The cycle is a continuous in – out – in –out. However, the ball is not shrinking. It is moving into itself, […]


Eh Rune: Horse Rune Cycle

The cycle of Eh is like a “leapfrog.” The front pulls and the back pushes. It is a process with all parts working at once. Beginning, middle and end all operate together, like a continuous assembly line. Another way to look at it is in the rolling of a tracked vehicle, such as a tank. […]


An Enduring Victory

When Hermann the Cheruscan united the Germans to defeat the Roman incursion, he sought the help of the Gods. He was given one requisite for victory. Neither he nor his soldiers were to take any booty from the field. Everything of the enemy’s was to be left where it lay. If the Germans obeyed, they […]


Cycle of the Birch Rune

The Bjork Rune cycle is very simple. It goes from weak to strong. The cycle gains in strength, intensity and vitality. It is like the growth from infant to toddler. In another way, it is like the healing power of going from sick and weak to healthy and strong. The Bjork cycle might remind you […]


The Tyr Rune’s Two-Step Cycle

The Tyr Rune cycle is a two-stage operation. The sharp, focused front thrusts forward, and the bulky rear part follows. It is a two-beat cycle. Step one is the forward part’s thrust. Step two, the rear part follows. To experience it, stand with legs shoulder-length apart. Look to your left. Step forward by extending your […]


Sig Rune’s Non-Cycle

The Sig Rune’s cycle is a constant emission of energy that goes out forward. It goes straight, upward and downward. The emission is gentle rather than a hard rush. Sig is a constant. *** As for a Sun cycle, we may experience Sig differently. In divination, for instance, it can represent “favorable conditions.” The Sun […]


Thor Art

If you had looked to see the Rune Sets I make, you would have come across my “Thor Art.” The painted Runes are only part of it. There is something else I make that is just as much a part of Thor Art. You can see them here: http://www.thortrains.net/toysoldierart/ More pictures will be added to […]


The Artist’s Secret Ingredient

I once heard a foolish woman say that it was impossible to love an inanimate object. She said that people could only love “God”, people and some animals. The woman was a religious teacher of the Popish variety. People like her strike me as folks who have fanatical religious zeal that is totally devoid of […]


The Pulse of the Elk Rune

The cycle of the Elk Rune is basic and simple. It is like a light bulb that pulses from average output to very bright, then back again. Think of it as a line of force which has a basic, steady rate of light. The line pulses from that steady emission to a much brighter one, […]

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