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The Whip of the Yew Rune

The Ihr Rune, also known as the Yew Rune, has a cycle that rebounds. Pulled to one side, it then rebounds to the other, back and forth until it returns to its normal upright position. It is like a fast-moving pendulum that works above rather than below the horizon. However, the Yew cycle is not […]


The Spin of the Jer Rune

The Jer Rune is a harvest. It symbolizes the seasons from planting to harvesting. Within the Jer Rune is an expanding well-being. The Jer Rune is the polar opposite of Naud. As such, its cycle is diametrically opposed to that of Naud. We already noted that the Naud cycle is an increasingly tightening spiral shrinking […]



The Isa Rune may seem solid and unmoving, but within it is a cycle all its own. Isa tends to have a slight “bend and stretch”. Its cycle is one of transition from near-melting to brittle hardness and back again. Think of it as going from a soft, nearly elastic state to one which is […]


The Wunjo Coaster

The Wunjo Rune is a state of joy, and as such it is a constant thing. It has no cycle, yet our relationship to it is often a cyclic one. We experience joy as ups and downs, as mild pleasure to high elation. If we made a visual representation, it would be a graph showing […]


Winding Down the Naud Rune

The Naud Rune is not a Rune that most would associate with a cycle. It is a downward and inward pressure. Manifestations of Naud can be found in English words with the root word press: compress, suppress, repress, etc. Though the root word is Latin, it describes the ancient German / Norse /AngloSaxon Naud Rune […]


The Wheeling Hagal Rune

Legend describes Thor’s wagon as throwing hail from its wheels. They were on to something! The cycle of the Hagal Rune is like a rapidly spinning wheel. It spins and pelts. From the apex of the wheel, hail pelts downward with a slight arc. Think of the power of the windup, spin and throw. During […]


The Arc of the Gyfu Rune

Gyfu is the Rune of giving, exchanging and the crossroads. That does not sound as if it has a cycle. However, another old expression might shed some light: “ A Gift demands a Gift.” There is a turn and a return. This is not the turn of a circle, but of an arc. If one […]


A Spinning Ken Rune

Does the Ken Rune cycle? Or is it a steady beacon? Our lesson is not in the Ken Rune, but in one of the things that symbolizes the Rune. Lighthouses each have their own beacons. Some are steady and some pulsate. The pulsating blips are caused by the rotation of the light. Depending on the […]


Ear Rune Exercises (Anglo Saxon Additional Runes)

Ear: Ear represents the earth, dirt and digging. It is the Rune of Earth, as attested by its very name. Exercise 1: The simplest way to get to know the Ear Rune is to dig! A small garden shovel is all you need. Find some soil and start digging. If you are lucky, you will […]


Raido Rune: Reeling in the Years

The cycle of the Raido Rune is the cycle of the wheel. It spins and spins on its axis. Does that remind you of the turning of the Moon and Sun each day? Perhaps it is no wonder that Norse myth symbolized sun and moon as moving across the sky in carts. The spinning wheel […]

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