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Runes in a Pinch

What do you do when you need to read Runes, but your usual set is absent? Find a deck of regular playing cards. Take the number cards Ace through Eight of the Clubs, Spades and Diamonds suits. (Use the Hearts if you also use the Anglo-Saxon additional Runes. You can use up to nine of […]


Aesc and Wands

Our talk of Burdens and the use of that Tarot image brought up a coincidence. In the suit of Wands from the Tarot deck, the Seven and Nine cards cross into our discussion of Aesc. There are Tarot symbols that ring an accord with some of our work. In terms of the Anglo Saxon Additional […]


We Hate the ESPN Baseball Announcers

Audrey and I watch a lot of baseball. We watch the Yankees and the Mets. We feel especially good when they beat the Red Sox, Phillies, and Atlanta. Usually, we watch the Yankees on the YES network and Mets on SNY. On weekends, the games shift to WPIX. WOR and FOX. Sometimes they shift to […]



The pictorial Tarot deck is a vast collection of symbolism. There are twenty-two Major cards and four Minor suits, each with four face cards and ten numbered cards. It matters not if you work with Tarot or not. The imagery itself is interesting, especially when the deck is designed by a gifted artist. While much […]


The Grudge

I ran into a situation today that reminded me of an incident from over twenty years ago. The incident happened in a burger joint in northern New Jersey. Some people came in whom I knew, and I said hello as they passed my table. Three said hello, and one walked by trying to ignore me. […]


A Measure of Devotion

In the place I worked many years ago, the boss belonged to a group. Every so often, several of the members would get together in a spare room. Their usual activity was stuffing envelopes. If there was a need to buy anything while they were working, they went for their wallets. These men were willing […]


Oak and Ash, Ac and Aesc

The first of the Anglo Saxon Runes for which we provided exercises are Ac and Aesc. They are named for the Oak and the Ash trees, respectively. Both are trees known for their longevity, adamance and strength. Odin is connected to both. The Oak and Ash figures often in Nordic, Germanic and English lore. The […]


Aesc Rune Exercises: Anglo Saxon Additional Runes

Aesc Rune: The Anglo-Saxon additional Runes do not have the same weight as the 24 Elder Runes. The Additional “runes” actually denote a specialized application of a rune or other magickal potency or principle. I decided to explore these additional Runes further. They are a good exercise in further understanding the Elder Runes and Northern […]


On Runic Study

The Runes are not difficult to learn. All it takes is practical work. Look at places where the Runes work in your own experience. Explore your own world. Can you see a bit of Isa in the refrigerator, some Dag in the daylight and a little Fe in your wallet? In yesterday’s lesson we discovered […]


The Chicken Nest Egg Rune

Yesterday we discussed the Perdra Rune as both the Cauldron and the Horn of Plenty. The analogy to the Cornucopia is useful. Just as the Horn provides an unending source of abundance, so Perdra is itself a provider. Pregnancy leads to new life. Gestation starts with a spark and culminates in the complete thing. Do […]

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