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Make a Difference

The goal of Heathenism is to use these principles in your everyday life. Worship and study is a small thing compared to how you live. If you are trying to be 100% Heathen all the time, you are not living the belief. Heathenism is not about being; it is about doing. There is a world […]



It is a matter of fact that we live in a society that is predominantly Christian and has been so for over a thousand years. Non-Christian religions have had little input these past ten centuries. Until the late 17th Century, non-Christians were routinely persecuted in horrific ways. Prejudice against non-Christians survives to this day. Though […]


Service of Tyr

Tyr’s work is more than War. He sees to the well-being of the community. There are many activities that serve Tyr’s aims. Back in October, I was asked to do the invocation at a gravestone ceremony. My friend Gary is a local historian, among other things. He was able to get the Veterans Administration to […]


Feeling the Odal Rune

These exercises are intended to help you get in touch with the Odal Rune: Exercise 1: Odal is an older form of the word Udal, which is ancestral land in Norway. Udal land belongs to the family generation after generation. It is passed to the oldest son. For most of us, inheritance is a simpler […]


Memorial Day

The scene in front of our Legion post today was something to see. There was every kind of uniform. Our crew wore black Legion jackets and caps. The Marine Corp league was evident in red shorts and hats. There were folks in Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force uniforms. There stood a small crowd of […]


Remembering the Fallen

For those of us in the United States, Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have fallen in service to the nation and the community. Memorial Day is America’s day of the fallen. We honor them and their service. Rather than make it a somber day, we remember the fallen with celebrations in […]


Concatenation of Events

There are situations where several events come together to create a significant event. Part of the contributing factors are outside circumstances and part are a sequence of incidents. All contribute to the situation. No one alone causes it, and all seem to be necessary to it. A friend is a local historian. One of Gary’s […]


Tyr Sacrifice

I thought I was close to getting the work finished on a book about Tyr, but that is not the case. Call it inspiration or a nudge from Asgard, but I started reading some old strategy books that I had not read in years. In the years since I last read them, I have accrued […]


Under the Weather

The lack of posts the last couple of days is due to illness. I’m fighting off a fever, sore throat, coughing and discomfort. It might be some kind of virus, it might be the flu. Lessons and anecdotes will resume as soon as I feel better. Uncle Thor


Odal’s Hard Side

Just as people can inherit good things, they can also inherit the bad. In the colloquial jargon of today, we talk of people who come with “baggage.” It may be fallout from past misdeeds or the emotional burdens of past tragedies. Baggage is something old that is carried along into new situations. Of course, the […]

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