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Feeling the Ing Rune

Ing is a Rune of luck, protection and male fertility. It is the igniter, the spark that starts the fire, the catalyst, the essential thing needed to make it work. Warning – my Loki side was at work, and I managed to interject a couple of jokes. Note that these humorous bits are presented in […]


The Leading Rune

The Rune of Tyr is a spear. This is appropriate. Throughout history, the most common weapon of the soldier has been the spear. Call it a pike, a spear or lance, and it is essentially the same weapon: a blade on a pole. The spear still exists as the bayonet on a rifle. A person […]



Here is a little exercisefor you. The old lore speaks of “luck.” From what we gather, their meaning if different than capricious circumstances. If so, then ask yourself these questions and see how you relate to “luck.” There are no right or wrong answers. This is an exercise you do for yourself. What is luck? […]


Many or Better?

Fe measures its strength in numbers. Ase measures its strength in quality. Let us use Leadership as an example. Leadership is an aspect of Ase. You do not measure leadership in numbers. More leaders do not mean better leadership. What you need is quality leadership. One excellent leader is superior to a hundred lesser leaders. […]


Treasurehouse of Heathen Goods

Heathenism is a treasure trove of wonderful things, from Runes and myths to arcane lore. There are many good things for us. While they are purely Heathen, we do not have to hold them as some exclusive horde that is forbidden to outsiders. We can share our treasure with others. In this, our good things […]


Keep or Send

Heathenism is not the only way. We do not claim to hold all truth exclusively. If something is true, it is true whether perceived by Heathens, Pagans, Christians or Buddhists. Heathenism is one way among many. When people come to us, we ought to welcome them and offer them our insight. Some of them will […]


Motion Cures Stagnation

Yesterday, I mentioned the idea of setting things in motion. We know that success is not always immediate. However, the very act of taking that first step creates a wave of motion. It breaks inertia. Think of it as a log jam on a river. Nothing moves until somebody kicks one of those logs out […]


Stepping to Opportunity

This is something I have noticed many times. Opportunity comes from many directions. The trick is to be open to it. A casual thing can bear a great opportunity. In order to get it, you have to be there. It might be a gathering, a job fair or a community event. The potential is there […]


A Return to Increase

As symbolized by the expansions of the Jer Rune, Prosperity has an increasing nature. The opposite is the compression of Naud, where Poverty‚Äôs nature is in decreasing. In healthy circumstances, Poverty should increase and Poverty ought to decrease. Prosperity is expansive. Prosperity allows us to help others. When we are prosperous, there is plenty of […]


Naud to Thurs

The pressure of Naud can result in something else: Thurs. Here we find the harsh, angry side of Thurs. Just as a thing subjected to pressure gets heated in the everyday world, so the pressure of Naud can evoke a Thurs response. This is very obvious in the social aspect of life. Oppression of any […]

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