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Heathen Freedom

The minute I took up Heathenism, I was free of any sense of spiritual debt. There is no obligation incurred because of past misdeeds. There is no stigma of innate unworthiness, be it original sin or karmic debt. Heathenism incurs no debt. The Gods do not demand anything. If I honor them, I do so […]


Out of Place

Last month, a prominent story in the news was the “tame” chimpanzee which seriously injured a woman. The chimp may have been a pet for years, but it still had its wild instincts and inclinations. Despite warnings from experts, the owner kept the chimp as a pet. The animal did what chimps do when scared […]


Getting Help

Every couple of years, it is time to get new eyeglasses. I hate to admit that I cannot see things clearly without the help of glasses. Glasses enable me to read, for one thing. Without them I would have to hold anything I read at arm’s length. Eyeglasses are not my only “helpers.” I also […]



There are many kinds of leadership. Business leadership is all about supporting the boss. People are hired to do just that. They are there to serve, not to be served. Military leadership is much the same. The type of leadership that best serves Heathenism is leadership by service. In this case, the goal is serving […]


Lagu and Distortion

Lagu has the power to clarify and to distort. Just as the murky depths are cloudy and shifting, so it can be in the realm of emotions, moods, and the subconscious. An example of distortion is found in sentiment and mood. Sentiment is a fond remembrance of the past. It seems to coat selected memories […]


Direction and The Lagu Rune

Several Runes have a pronounced direction, as if they move a certain way. Lagu is one of the Runes whose general direction can be described as downward. Hagal, Naud and Perdra also have a downward tendency. The downward motion of Hagal is pelting. It hammers its target into the ground. The feeling is one of […]


Feeling the Lagu Rune

Lagu is the Rune of lakes, waterways, leeks and healing. These are exercises to help you experience the Lagu Rune personally. Exercise 1: The Lagu Rune has two meanings. It can represent a body of water or the leek. The leek was a symbol of healing and magickal power. The word Lagu is related to […]


Love Flows

Part of the flow of Life is the flow of Love. It is a shame Heathens do not talk about love very much. Love is an essential ingredient to a fulfilling life. Real love means taking joy in something. Our love flows when there are people, places and things in which we take a fond […]


In the Flow

Words like affluence and currency give us a feeling of flow. In fact, both terms derive from Latin terms for flowing. A sign of prosperity is a healthy flow of money. The hallmark of our current economic crisis is that money is locked tight. It is not flowing. Stagnation has caused much of the problem […]



People have asked about my title. I do not have one. Some Heathen organizations and individuals love to bestow titles on themselves. I have avoided that temptation. Too many people become more entranced with getting a title than acquiring all of the skills it is supposed to represent. There was a time when people were […]

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