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Feeling the Sig Rune

The following exercises will help you get a feeling of the Sig Rune. Enjoy them! Exercise 1: The nature of Sig is constant. It is unchanging. This kind of constancy manifests many ways in our lives. There is a brilliance to it that adds a pleasant light to its changeless nature. Consider the constant things […]



What is the Heathen lifestyle? There is no one Heathen lifestyle. Heathenism is so diverse that there are few shared traits among it adherents. We cannot point to one lifestyle because Heathens themselves are diverse. For a start, look at the various traditions. There are several each of Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, German, English and Dutch […]


Prospering Notes

For 25 years I have been interested in Prosperity and the means by which more people can attain more good in their lives. I believe that people can improve their well-being. Here are a few of my observations that you may find useful. Please note that these are not out of a book or course, […]


Me, We and You

One of the problems of these times is the emphasis on the individual to an extent that virtually ignores the group. In other words, people are so into ME that they forget about WE. The good of the individual must take into account the good of the many. Life is a balance of ME and […]


Deliberate and Intentional

Yesterday we discussed Heathen Time as opposed to Pagan Time. Heathen Time means getting there early. “If you arrive on time, you are ten minutes late by Heathen Time.” Pagan Time is a matter of intentionally showing up late. It is an act of laziness. In contrasting these two, we see the difference between living […]


Heathen Time

One of the most foolish and wasteful concepts is something called PaganTime. It is nothing less than intentionally arriving late. If a meeting is called for Noon, Pagan Timers will drift in any time between 12:15 and 12:45. Obviously, Pagan Time has a selfishness to it. “You have to wait until I deign to show.” […]


Of Many Heads

Most people who read the old Nordic myths miss an important point because of a nuance of culture. The myths mention several many-headed giants. Some folks assume this is a way to make them appear more bizarre on monstrous. A few think it implies some sore of extra intelligence, despite the fact that giants are […]


Strength and Power

In the modern English language, Strength and Power are words with a curious relationship. On rare occasion, they are used interchangeably. More often than not, they have different applications. There is a nuance of difference in their definition. For instance, you never hear of “powerful” armor or “strong” cannon. Armor is described as strong, and […]


The Power of Wanting

The development of magickal expertise is not a thing to be taken lightly. There are many who dabble, and many more who do only half the work, thinking themselves too wise to do it all. Of the people who claim to study, less then half actually do the work. I would say that at best, […]


Feeling the Elk Rune

This week we do the Elk Rune exercises. The more you work the exercises in earnest, the better your results. Elk is a Rune which is very easy to appreciate and experience. Exercise 1: The Scandinavian Elk is one and the same as the North American moose. This is a territorial animal of great strength. […]

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