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Change it or Change You

Our weather is quite unstable this year, ranging from unseasonably warm to bitter cold. This week we had one day of 70 degree weather. The end of the week will see us with temperatures in the teens. Such extremes can be confusing. If temperatures and weather vary so much, what remains constant? Us: people! We […]


Prosperity and the Jer Rune

The principle of Prosperity is not the mere accumulation of goods. Prosperity is an expansion of good in the life of the individual, the family and the community. Prosperity means the ability to do more of the things you enjoy. It entails living a life that makes a difference. Whether that difference is limited to […]


Enough, already!

Why are we in an economic downturn? One of the most prominent reasons is greed. The process that led to current woes began long ago. High water marks along the way were the Enron and Worldcom scandals. Greedy corporate leaders, greedy Wall Streeters and greedy individuals all contributed to the mess. Prices were artificially inflated […]


Create to Live

Creativity is a wonderful thing. Up until a century ago, most things were hand-made. In fact, many things were home made. Look at the traditional folk arts of Norway, Denmark, Germany and England. They were things that everyday folks did in their spare time. Woodcrafting, rosemaling, knitting and other crafts were common. Even as more […]


Feeling the Jer Rune

Jer is the Rune of the Year, Harvest and Expansion. For folks who speak English, the J is pronounced like the Y in Yes. Scandinavians and German already know this pronunciation of J. Here are exercises for Jer: The nature of Jer Force is to pull outward and upward, as opposed to the downward and […]


A Money Spell

What with the economy being so much in the news, many people are growing worried. To that end, we are reprinting an updated version of this little spoken charms from Old Norse Spells and Enchantments: Humpty Dumpty, Ham and Eggs Drink the wine and leave the dregs Let the money flow to me Abundant wealth, […]


Handling Their Holiday

Many of us today will be spending time with relatives who are not Heathen. They will be involved in the whole Christmas thing. There will be the extravagant gifts and the noise and the family dinner. It’s their thing, after all. You are just a visitor observing someone else’s holiday. Sometimes the issue of belief […]


Perfectly Imperfect

When we go to visit Audrey’s cousin this time of year, I bring something amusing for the little ones. The craft shops sell small wooden toys to paint. Among them are little wooden dinosaurs which have wheels in place of feet. I like to paint them for the kids. As my background in herpetology is […]


Friendships Past

Most people know folks who had been good friends. Together, they made many a great memory. It seemed that the friendship would never end. Yet somewhere, somehow, it did end. People who had once been friends become strangers. A few might even be estranged to the point of animosity. What happened? Each instance is different. […]


Heathen First!

Today I was reminded just how much we differ from Christians. A person commented on a forum about Uncle Thor’s Magazine Online, specifically the article Heathenism, Santa and Jingle Bells. She did not like that we referred to the “supposed founder” of Christianity, and so suggested we refer to the “supposed birth.” The woman said […]

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