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Veteran’s Day to Thanksgiving Sale on Our Books

Due to the economy, I want to do my part to give Heathens a break this season.. I am bringing back our Special Discounts for the Autumn Veteran’s Day to Thanksgiving season. From Veteran’s Day to November 30, you can avail yourself of lower prices on some of our most popular books and courses. Subjects include Runecraft, Spellcraft, Norse Tradition, Myth & Magick, Magical Troubleshooting,
Recovery, Prosperity and the Gods. You enjoy significant savings off our regular prices with this discount.

As a bonus, orders over $65 will receive a free copy of Hedenskap, the Heathen folk Religion of Ancient Scandinavia. That is a $10 value added to your order.



Please forward this far and wide!

Thank you!

Uncle Thor

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