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More on the Runes, Quality and Quantity

Yesterday we looked at four Runes in terms of quantity versus quality. There are other factors we can deduce if we view another facet of these Runes. The Fe Rune is a matter of assets and quantity. The asset can be money. It can be cattle for a farmer, employees for a factory owner and […]


Quantity or Quality: A Runic Quandary?

One of the dilemmas facing us is the question of quality over quality. There is no pat answer to that question. Some situations are best settled by overwhelming numbers and others by higher quality. If we try to handle it in Runic terms it gets more interesting. Fe is the Rune of the herd and […]


Pause or Push?

The next few weeks can be very hectic, especially for those with large families. Even as Heathens, many have to deal with Christmas because of Christian relatives. That means family dinners and gift shopping and holiday preparations. In this hectic holiday season, it is easy to forget oneself amid the rush and the countless errands. […]


Thanksgiving Day

Here in the USA, today is Thanksgiving. The back story is one of “pilgrims” and “Indians”, but the holiday has evolved into something else. First comes the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Next is a family dinner, with an extended family in attendance. This is followed by watching football on TV and cleaning up. Holidays were a […]


Where It Counts!

One of my favorite techniques is to offer learning materials in a clear, concise and practical manner. I feel that adding “filler” just to thicken a text is counterproductive. A reader should not have to wade through heaps of extraneous materials in order to get to the facts. A clear, brief and practical text is […]


Writing Exercises

Among the most useful exercises is writing. I have used it for many years with good effect. Writing is included in many of my lessons and exercises because it works. There are several reasons for writing. In one, committing an idea to writing makes it tangible. It gives it a “place” and “form” in your […]


Feeling the Wunjo Rune

These exercises connect you with experiences of the Wunjo Rune in the everyday world. Rather than see Wunjo as an abstract principle, you will come to understand it from personal experience of the Rune. Exrcise 1: An aspect of Wunjo is joy as an expression of harmony. Dancing is the harmony of human movement and […]


Church Things

Audrey’s cousins are church people. They are involved in the church music program. In fact, that is why they chose their particular church and denomination. When they discuss their choir and its politics, I am doubly grateful to be Heathen. I do not like churches. Unfortunately, those of us who have Christian relatives might have […]


Your True Priority

The current economic crisis is causing many of us to spend carefully. The lack of discretionary money means that people must weigh their purchases carefully. Necessity is the deciding factor. Because there is less cash for luxuries, we all have had to adjust our priorities. Priority is not just for money. In many areas of […]


Money and Value

The Fehu Rune deals in value much as we deal with money. We might say that Fehu is the essence or substance that is symbolized by money. Money in itself is a good thing. It provides a means of exchange and a manner of assessing value. We should all have more money. Money is good. […]

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