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Push or Stop?

I had an MRI last week because of damage to my right knee. Tuesday I learned I have torn cartilage. That explains the pain. Back in the bad old days, I had learned to do things in spite of pain. That was a time when I had no medical insurance and could not afford to […]


When Science Fiction was Nerdless

Science fiction was a very different thing in the days before nerds. It was more fun. The movies of the 1950s and 1960s ranged from speculative fiction to pure amusement. “Forbidden Planet” represented the more intellectual end of the spectrum, while “Godzilla” personified its opposite. One made us think, and the other entertained us. They […]


Feeling the Raido Rune

This week we look at the Raido Rune. Raido can be called the “Riding Rune” and the “Wheel Rune”. Another name for Raido is Rad, the German term for wheel. In the old Norse lore, the Gods were said to ride in “carts.” (These were sometimes mis-translated as chariots.) Here are some exercises to help […]



People are motivated by various things. The most common motivators are money, sex, power and ego. These are things that can get a person to stop what he is doing. Some will even go way off course for one of them. Is it any wonder that these things are common ploys used by spies to […]


Desire and Value

How far would you go to attain something you desire? There is no cut-and-dry answer. Much depends on the specific object of desire. For instance, the lengths a person will go for a diamond ring will differ from attaining the love of a cherished individual. Everything has a different value. Likewise, every person values things […]


Filled with Something Good

What makes a hand-made thing special is the maker. Though he may not realize it, the craftsman infuses a bit of himself into his work. People who make things by hand tend to find joy and satisfaction in their work. This is some of what they give it. Material things can absorb emotional and etheric […]


Fall and Rise

In 1970, a group called Marmalade released a song entitled “Reflections of My Life.” Its lyrics included phrases such as “The world is a bad place” and a chorus that included “All my sorrow, sad tomorrow.” I wonder how such a dismal song made it to the radio. Yesterday I mentioned the Beatles tune “In […]


People In My Life

One of the most appealing songs is a tune by the Beatles entitled “In My Life.” It is a song about memories of the past and the conditions of the present. I like its optimism and perspective. “Though I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before…. I love you more.” […]


Talking and Doing

There has been much talk of the Spartans lately, due mostly to a movie that portrayed the legend of Thermopylae. The movie was pure fiction, drawn from a comic book that loosely portrayed the battle. The historical Spartans were a different group altogether. The elites of society were those who were pure Spartan. Others in […]


Ase Rune Exercise

This week, we look at the Ase Rune. It is a Rune of Good, of the Gods, and of Inspiration. Try these exercises: Exercise 1: Make a point of enjoying something good. It can be anything: a good meal, a good movie, a pleasurable activity, etc. Make it something that is more enjoyable than an […]

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