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Uncle Thor’s Magazine Autumn 2008 edition

The Autumn 2008 edition of the quarterly Uncle Thor’s Magazine Online has been posted. There is a nice variety of articles this time out. Click here to read it – http://www.thortrains.com/utmo/ Enjoy!


Looks Talk

Before you get close enough to speak, you tell others something about yourself. Your appearance sends a message. Your attire, your walk and your manner of carrying yourself all broadcast a message. Fair or not, your looks determine whether others will want to interact with you or not. They also contribute to the type of […]



A gift is a token of esteem. By our tradition, it is done with the benefit of the receiver in mind. We give with the intent of doing good. That takes thought and an appreciation of the beneficiary of our largesse. “What would he like?” “What would be useful to him?” “Is there something he […]


The Religious Landscape

Why do we find it necessary to explain our beliefs by contrasting them with the majority religions of this age? One part of the answer is that most of us had come to Heathenism after leaving one of the monotheistic religions. At this time – 2008 CE – the majority of new Heathens are former […]


Old Manners and a Two Dollar Pocket Knife

Old Jim was a relative whom we saw occasionally when visiting in the country. He was a large old man who never went outside without his hat. Jim was typical of people whose heyday was the first half of the 20th century. Maybe he was not all that typical. People gave him a lot of […]


Runes for Hard Times

When you are in a difficult spot, the Runes can help. You may not have time to develop bind runes or combinations. One Rune can do the trick, and it works better when your mind is not cluttered with trying to create a Runic formula. Here are a few examples: Raido will get you out […]


Star Warriors and Leaders

If you ask me, most of the Star Wars movies are lame. Nice visual effects, but not much of a story. The only one that I liked was the first one. The only character I found plausible was Darth Vader. He showed a high level of leadership. If something needed to be done, he was […]



Good manners tend to bring out the best in people. Even folks who seem crude or rough respond better to courtesy. One need not have the kind of manners expected when visiting Buckingham Palace. The simple manners taught at childhood suffice at home and abroad. Even a simple “please” and “thank you” goes over well. […]



Most groups are not concerned if people choose not to join them. The time we should be concerned is if a group takes offense or is otherwise too interested should we refuse them. When an organization or individual takes an “us or them” attitude, there is a problem. “Us versus Them” is great for a […]


Something fun

This is something with which I have a lot of fun. I recently added this website: http://thortrains.net/toysoldierart/ Enjoy!

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