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Infusing Magick

An old bit of magickal knowledge concerns matter. It is well known that matter can absorb emotional energy. That ought not be too hard to understand. After all, talismans and amulets are material things which we infuse with magickal energy. That same energy connects with emotional energy. They have a similar nature. An example would […]


Hail Storm

The other day, we had a hailstorm. At one point, the ground was almost covered by millions of tiny little ice balls. The hail stones pelted everything. They were the size of a dime. People on the street ran for cover. Audrey and I watched from our front porch. The real hailstones are much like […]


Moving People, Staying People

Sometimes I wonder what became of the people I used to know. So many have scattered and left no trace of themselves. I used to enjoy their company. Whatever happened? Would I want to meet them again? Of course, all I have to do is remember why we parted company. A mere handful were caused […]


What is Your Story?

Each of us has a special story. It is a story that speaks to you. In mythology, there might be more than one story that talks to you. The same is true of literature, legends, movies and music. There might be a novel, a simple tale or a song that seems like it is talking […]


Just a Thought for the Day..

Sometimes the truth is like seeing a gigantic, multi faceted gem. Each facet is a portion of the truth. The more facets we see, the more we know of the gem’s shape. The less we see, the less we know. When truth is only partial, it can become falsehood. I have heard it said that […]


People Pay for Nonsense.

People pay for nonsense. It is a fact of life. How many unnecessary things do people buy because they think they are a necessity? How many of the things that people crave are really unimportant? Did you ever think that marketers invent these things and then create a need for them? Of course, that need […]


Ice Roads

I watch a series on cable that deals with truckers who ride on ice roads. They work in upper Canada. The winter freeze turns lakes and rivers into solid, thick sheets of ice. In one region, the ice roads connect with diamond mines. In another, they support various towns along with oil and gas exploration. […]


Donner und Blitzen

At 3:19 Tuesday morning, we were woken by the loudest thunder clap I have ever heard. It was as if it had landed right next to us. For a moment, I was not sure if it were thunder or something else. Were it not for the residual rumbling, I might have assumed something far less […]


Yews and Cars

One of the more perplexing Runes is Ihr, the Yew Tree. Back around Yule, I had been pulling Runes. The Yew Tree came up. Later that day, our car was out of action due to a mechanical problem. A couple of weeks later, The Yew Tree Rune came up again. The car broke down the […]


Half a Story

A recent movie, based on a comic book, told a version of the tale of the Spartans at Thermopylae. The classic story tells of 300 Spartans who held off a Persian army. What most retellings of the story forget is that the Spartans were not alone. There were others alongside them. These were 700 Thespians, […]

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