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Risk or Mediocrity?

This weekend, I spent time working on military miniatures. Most of the painting was for classic World War 2 “Army Men”. There was one unusual figure: a Bavarian soldier circa 1900 – 1910. The Bavarian required extra effort. His uniform was more ornate and the color was an unusual shade of blue. I had never […]



Treat each person fairly, whether you like him or not. That statement pretty much states the essence of human relationships for Heathens. It is a practical ideal. Most of us have no trouble being fair to others. We can do it with very little strain. However, we need to understand just what we mean by […]


Forgive or Not?

There are people who believe that forgiveness is alien to Heathenism. That is a mistake. Forgiveness is part of our everyday life. Without it, we would be mired in myriad petty disputes, spats, feuds and squabbles. The difference is in how and when we forgive. For us, forgiveness is neither a mandate nor a spiritual […]



How do we make Heathenism better? The answer is simple. We start by making Heathens better. The answer abides with you! Better Heathens are the key. Does this mean more study? Not necessarily. Betterment is not an exercise in theology, but a practical exercise. How to you become better? There are many ways. One is […]


Gas Punch

Back in basic training, we spent time learning to protect ourselves from poison gas. Part of the training was to go into a gas chamber while wearing our masks. The room was clouded in tear gas. One by one, we had to take them off and answer questions. The idea was to make you get […]


Rolling Moonbeams

Harry Nilsson, the musician, had a pleasant little tune called The Moonbeam Song. If you ever have a chance to listen to it, note the words. Somewhere in there, he seems to have crossed into space I know well. The song mentions a lot of the little things one sees when going out at night. […]


The Wisdom of Goldilocks

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is familiar to all of us. At each stage, the blonde-haired girl settles into the place that is “just right.” She will not settle for too much or too little . Too hard, too soft, too big, too small, too hot and too cold will not do. […]


Planning Plus

When I wrote The Twisting Trail to Bifrost’s Way, I intended it as a supplemental volume to The Road to Bifrost. That is how it started. In the end, it became a totally different book. The Twisting Trail to Bifrost’s Way stands on its own. I cannot say exactly when it deviated from the original […]


Empty Your Cup

Here is an interesting tale. I have heard both Chinese and Japanese versions, which are almost identical. A professor wanted to understand Zen. He arranged to meet with a Zen master. As was the custom, the master offered his guest tea. He began pouring. The professor had been expounding on his degrees and qualifications. He […]


A Mess of Fish

Today, I was sitting in the lobby of an office. There was a very large, very well-fitted salt water aquarium. This was above and beyond what you might find in the average pet shop. Along with the very colorful fish were living coral and sea plants. There were no artificial plants. A saltwater aquarium is […]

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